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Operating Budgets

Welcome to the District's web-based budget (amount of money planned for expenditures) and expenditures (the amount actually spent) dashboard.
This dashboard includes data to present actual expenditures for Fiscal Years FY2018 thru FY2021.
This dashboard includes data to present the FY 2022 Approved Budget and FY 2023 Proposed Budget.
Operating expenditures are categorized by fund, agency, and expenditure type. For example, we refer to total District spending from all local or federal sources of revenue (fund), or all spending by the police department compared to the school system (agency), or all spending on salaries compared to contracts (expenditure type). Drilling down further, we can look at a single agency’s spending from local source revenues versus federal sources, or that agency’s spending of local source revenues by salaries versus contracts. And of course we can look at these expenditures for a single year or across multiple years.
Please note that the grouping of agencies by appropriation title in all years is based on the appropriation titles in the FY 2021 budget. Because these groupings changed in FY 2021 compared to FY 2020 and earlier, the subtotals by appropriation title for prior years will not match the subtotals in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for the relevant year.

Capital Budgets

  • By Agency:
    This interactive tabular view shows both budget authority and budget allotments along with expenditures broken down by cluster agency and funding source. Start with this view to see, for example, Local Funds expenditures and budgets across all agencies or a particular agency.
  • By Ward:
    This interactive tabular view shows capital budgets and expenditures by fund, organized by the Ward down to the project level. Start with this view to see, for example, expenditures and budgets for Ward 1 versus Ward 8.
  • FY 2021 to FY 2026 Capital Improvements Plan
  • FY 2017 Capital Locations

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